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Good day Dear Players.

Server Online!
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Basic information:

Server rates: x5000
Rate Drop : 60%
Server Chronicles: Season 3 Ultimate
Maximum level: 400
Grand reset 100 reset;
Stats after Grand reset 20000+
Points Per Level: 1/1/1
Maximum stats: 65,000
Start Points Charachter: 2,500
Reliable protection against all kinds of cheats and dupes
Available receiving bonuses through voting for the server
Server uptime: 24/7.


Why ExMU?


Responsive administration, listen to the opinions of players.
At the moment one of the most unique and interesting servers.
Limitless possibilities in the design,additions and updates.
Unique conceptually game world. In which you will not be bored.
High stability, protection against break-ins, DDoS and cheats.
All done with their hands, the authors of the Assembly we.
Experienced team of developers

Posted 05 / 05 / 2018
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ExMU x5000

Load: 11%

Active In 24H: 22

Total Accounts: 136

Total Chars: 174

Total Guilds: 7

Server running:

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ExMU x5000

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